Monday, January 25, 2010


Did a little exploring inside into some of the corners of our home...

It seems the bathroom is blooming into a bit of a circusy/carnival theme. Just fine by me.

  Air plants are so interesting and magical. Easy to tend to as well, but cats LOVE them. I have to perch them up out of reach or else.

Very soon, this windowsill will be home to a few new little potions I'll be making. They need to bathe in the sun to be brewed just right.

Slowly, spring starts to sneak. Slipping out slowly from down under.

And the bright blue did blow up the sky for a spell. It was pretty stunning, although brief.

Old, wise and moss covered tree trunk. I still marvel at the oh so many different types of moss that can be found all over the city. These pale green ones nearly look like some sort of sea life.

hello blue, looking forward to seeing more of you...

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