Friday, January 22, 2010

back to work

  I was able to get some sewing done yesterday, little bits at a time but still... There was sewing. The last few weeks have been pretty rough. Cold after cold, a bout with pneumonia, more colds... I feel tired and worn out.  I have always found creative expression to be so revitalizing. Last night I was hardly able to sleep, there were so many sewing ideas ruffling around in my head.
  I hadn't anticipated the challenges of motherhood the second time around as being as.... intense as they've proved to be. My little one is her own person, with her own personality (at times stubborn and oh so willful) and it can be difficult to carve out creative "work" time. I'm trying to achieve a rhythm and strike a balance that will work. It's a work in progress...

So sad,  the bowling alley turned to splinters...

And look! A finished product. At last!

  I need to drag out the featherweight and get to know her a bit better. My old off white singer is being a bit frustrating these days...
 Now to work on a skirt pattern!

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