Monday, August 25, 2014

weekending, summering on...

  Around here, school starts next week, next week, seriously. Of all the seasons, Summer always seems shortest. It is a season that is bittersweet. So full of travel (this year at least), visits from loved ones, weddings, way relaxed kid routines, outside time, lots of slacking (ahem, for reals...)  in the work dept... This summer sped by. I spend some time, daily, during every summer, imagining what life would look like it it was always summer. This year I found myself delving into imagining a possible life that could be even more summmmmer vibe, super vagabond, carefree, minimal, unschooled and just totally wild and free. What would that life look like?
  Long days spent building/making, immersed in the "real" work of planting seeds, planning & roaming hillsides, tending bees, milking goats, not constantly going into town, unplugged from the internet/iphone. It sounds good. I imagine my homesteading experience so vividly and it sounds right.  I crave the country life. I feel a bit of anxiety over the daily expectations and responsibilities city life brings. The cost of living, multiple social interactions, traffic/time spent in my car, consumerism overload, just crazy stimulation in general, it's all a bit much. I'm sounding like a broken record. A country Western one...

 My darling bud of so many years, Carlos,  was in town last week from Chicago and it was sweet to breakfast, gossip and just be together for the first time in a few years. So many of my dearest first Seattle friends have long since moved away to every different corner of the country.
  I've got the plum hookup again this summer. These came courtesy of my little ones summer play school. More on the way tomorrow. I've made plum jam, plum crisp and stored plenty in the freezer.
  I feel weird going into my old work to get treats cuz, I just hate doing that. It didn't really end badly I just feel strange being a customer after being an employee. My friend K.knows this about me and stopped by and got me macarons! Sooo sublime!

 My hair is pastel pink now. It's a good thing. The preteen and teen girls compliment me constantly and, surprisingly so do men over 70. Odd. but cute.
 Saturday night I was having an intense evening of over thinking just about everything and had to have a chill night. My Niece stayed over and we watched Far and Away (don't hate!) and I felt romantically intoxicated by the end of it. I'm a real sap when it comes to men (even pre-crazy Tom Cruise, professing big things in movies and books.
 Reading the cards has been a daily thing, a moment of clarity and meditation when I'm thinking weird things.
 Continuing to sell off and minimize things around here. Selling at sunday market nearly every weekend.
 My adorable niece is my pop up shop girl and selfie sister. We talk about Channing Tatum a lot...
 I have been reading  a gift from the sea this weekend after my friend sent it to me. I'm feeling it.  The ocean metaphor is really working here. I love it.
  Now I need to encourage my little one to eat so we can get back into the car and drive to the airport to pick up her older brother who has been away for 3 WEEKS! I am so excited!! xo m

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