Sunday, February 23, 2014

when there was snow...

  When I was a kid I was envious of those who got to live it snowy places. Where I grew up, it was mostly summertime all year long. I longed to wear puffy coats, knit hats, fluffy scarves. I still feel a little dreamy about those deeply snowy places (oooh Maine, Vermont, Illinois, the Dakotas...). Seattle is all about umbrellas, rain proof boots and gusts of winds with sideways rain. But then we'll have a few weeks of intense cold, some snow, and I feel like I am right where I'm meant to be.

  When there's snow outside, our city pretty much shuts down. No one knows how to deal with it (or drive in it, eek!) so we stay home, where it's warm and try to keep from going too stir crazy. This involves crafting, baking, numerous cups of tea & hot cocoa and music/ dancing.
  Now I'm off to chill and try and wipe all these tax related numbers from my brain. I meet with my tax guy Tuesday and today was spent adding so many receipts up. Taxes are no picnic and they're even more dull when you're self employed! xo m

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