Wednesday, February 19, 2014

hello! returning from deep winter haze!

 Oh my goodness! Holy mid February! It's been over a month since I've been here and oh my, life has been a topsy turvy illness laden haze! It seems the kiddos have been bringing one virus after another home (and passing it around) since Winter solstice. My immune system hasn't been quite right since I had to take a course of antibiotics in November. So someone or all of us has been sick most of the time. It's annoying. What else have we been up to?...

*We had a house guest for a MONTH! I love her dearly but it was a loooong time. I wasn't able to keep to my usual routine of work.
*I've been making an effort to give extra love to my behaviorally challenged orange cat (he likes to sit as a sentry in the doorway to the kitchen and randomly swipe passerby).  Thomas is not a friendly cat and having an extra human in his house for a month really pissed him off.
 *Tea all the time! Our little house is cold and drafty and in addition to sweaters and slipper socks, a nice cup of tea helps to warm up. Plus with all the colds I'm usually sipping an herbal brew of some sort.
 *With outside time limited due to the cold and rain, we've been doing a good amount of baking.

 *I snuck in a weekend away in Portland with my teenager. There were brownie boats at pied cow, plus treats a plenty (we stayed the night w a friend who is a vegan dessert chef extraordinaire!).
 In the morning we went to this wonderful vegan/gluten free bakery (back to eden) and I had a donut!! It was so delicious!
 *Daily time has been spent writing (and if not working on fiction or memoir of substance, journaling several pages a sitting). I have been thinking about putting pieces on the blog. Maybe making it a monthly or bi-weekly thing where I have a post that is fiction.

 *I moved into (and painted) a larger retail space at Atlas and I love it, mainly as it has two windows and my old space was a dark cubicle.
 *My friend gifted me these tarot cards and I have been taking my time getting to know them. I want to order the book as well. The artwork is so stunning!
 *My strange hens, after over a month of no eggs at all, decided to kick back into egg laying mode during the snowstorm we had a couple weeks ago. Such funny girls!
 *Spelt biscuits and jam! I've been adding some spelt back into my diet and it doesn't seem to be bothering me. I guess I wouldn't really be able to tell though since I've been so congested and out of sorts lately...
 *Super gloom all the time! Mid February is when I start to go a bit crazy and feel all caged up and nutty. Today the sun is shining and I'm so grateful. The last 5 days straight we were in the midst of a heavy rainstorm. Iit was so dark and intense you could barely tell day from night.
*Thomas is really into my new thrifted rug. He likes to wrap himself up in it like a blanket.

  Now I get to gather up a years worth of receipts and get to tallying up sums since on Monday I am filing taxes. Oh my. I will be ever so glad when that is done! I'll be back with more musings very soon. I just had to stop in and say a quick hello! and, what are you all up to? xoxo m

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