Friday, April 26, 2013


  The little girls are finally outside (at least during the daylight hours-at night they go back into their pen in the basement). They are confused and a little freaked out and spend a lot of time hiding behind the blue container lid I put in there for just that purpose. I might try and sneak them into the coop with the big girls this weekend but maybe not... Sadie is pretty unkind and I think it'll work best to go slow with the introductions.
   The two black hens have the longest, sleekest feathers, they feel like silk when I pick them up.
 And, while they were all the same size at the start,  the black chicks have quickly overcome the others in size (and beauty-I'm a little partial to these lovlies).
   We've been lucky enough to have several sunny days in a row. Plenty of outside running around time, which we really needed. Necessary  yard/garden chores/planning and park play.

  So happy a wonderful trio of lovely island ladies (love these girls!!) needed a place to stay for the night and that meant I got to clean up my basement studio (which was long overdue for some tidying up) so there was room for the slumber party.
 Tea and mermaid/barbie play party in full swing, my little gal is instructing dolly dress up. Piper, Amelia & Milla are all such sweethearts.
There were cafes and tea and gluten and thrifting and bread and coffee and kombucha on tap...
Yesterday it was over 70 degrees and so sunny, it felt like summer (at least summer here...)!
  Today I'm hoping the sun will burn through these heavy clouds and bring some warmth. I want to do some weekend bicycle riding and exploring, not in the rain please. xo m

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  1. Oh your chicken are precious! I am so envious. I really really really want chickens someday when I have a bit of land. It will be so exciting when they lay their first eggs; I love the funny shapes and sizes of first never know what you're going to get!


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