Tuesday, March 19, 2013

she has now gone from this unhappy planet...

  Well, around here we love Ouija boards. I've had them since I was a small child. Spiritualism was a very big part of my childhood Victoriana fantasy world and when I finally got my very own ouija board (I think I was 9 and it was under the christmas tree) I fell in love. I am just fascinated with any/every form of divination. A few months ago I found this one but couldn't find the planchette (the pointer). So good for learning letters and numbers.
  In middle school I had a group of friends who I spent many hours using Ouija Boards with. We would also do past life regression hypnotism (not one of us was a trained hypnotist, obviously). What a little bunch of freaks we were!
 and... I got this tattoo a few weeks ago.
 then... My friend found this glow in the dark Ouija board and I bought it from him for $5.
and then there's Moz...

ok, now I have to sleep. No staying up reading ghost stories! xo m


  1. What a great post! Fun! Love your tattoo. Oh and Morrissey too. Thank you Mama! Happy spring kindred spirit!

  2. love it! and that tat is SO good! xo

  3. i LOVE your new tattoo.
    and i hope you are getting at least a little spring sunshine in your parts (cuz w/regard to your kind of recent post about winter blues, i feel you).

  4. Oh wow, new tat! I hope you've beat those winter bummers, glorious freak, 'cos from what I saw rushing from the airport on Friday, it's spring! I hope to see you soon and you know, you could always head up north for a little vacation too ;)


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