Sunday, December 23, 2012


  It seemed just yesterday was Hallows eve and here we are... already into the end of December (and soon it will be 2013!). Time slips past too quickly. I'm trying to work on being in the moment, here.  now. It's hard! So damn hard. I'll keep on it though. There have been:
 -cafe dates, and dinners out (only rarely-the dinners).  My kids often talk about how much they love spring and summer when we're in the winter. Our northwestern winters are so wet and rainy!
 -satsumas and tea all the time. The tea kettle is always full/boiling/ready... I've been so in love with Juniper Ridge white sage and wild mint tea. It's delightful.
 -The winter spiral. Celebrating winter with songs & the lighting of candles...
 -working on the VAMP BOOK and wrote an erotic vampire short story (which turned out to just be a prequel chapter to the vamp book) for a publication that is no longer happening. I'm happy I wrote it. I like guidelines/deadlines. It makes me finish. I've been working on my book for over 2 years and not even close to finishing. 2013, the year of finishing the book!
-rain and wind and rain rain rain! darkness all day and getting seriously dark around 3pm. It's true, Edward would love it here! Now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will bring more treat baking. xo m

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