Saturday, December 29, 2012

approaching 2013!

   It's been cup after cup after cup of hot tea all day long. I rarely get the "queen cup". The little lady usually calls dibs on it. Our old house is so drafty that if I don't have hot tea (and LL Bean slipper sock on-yep, it's true!) I am freezing.
 Doing good on cutting waaaay back in the caffeine dept. And no more coffee, for reals! It KILLS me. Striving to achieve balance in all areas of consumption has been a real goal. A true transformation. It feels good to have a severely restricted diet. I feel so much better. And my continued abstinence from alcohol etc (70 days so far) has been such a lovely clearing of my mind and emotions. I feel like my true self and every little weird interaction or moment in time doesn't shake me into an agoraphobic mess that has to run and hide... I'm happy that I feel my feelings and I want to feel them.
 Extremely grateful that we got all the garlic planted and tucked away for the winter. It's so rewarding to pull it up in the summer and see all the multiplication those little cloves did!
 Into hot baths, hot tea and a super hot book (by the hottest guy alive)... Kind of... So far, it sorta reads like the memoirs of a sleaze ball bad dad... but darn it, I'm gonna finish it!!
 Pancakes on many days. Easy to make and warm and gluten free. Yep, cheating from a mix, but it's just easier than gathering 5 different gluten free flours.
 There are 14 candles on that cake! FOURTEEN!! This month my guy turned 14.  I have a teenager that is 14! It's crazy. He's awesome and chill but... I pretty much feel like I'm still 15 (16 max) inside so um, when did all this time go by??
 Rainbow bat goth extravaganza cookie extraordinaire!! My little one needs no guiding into the melancholia that inhabits our genes. She loves this stuff. Ghosts, bats, haunted houses, cemeteries, night time, vampires. "I love all spooky stuff!" she says. Yeah , me too!
My little loves and cousins just a couple years ago. Wow, everyone is just so darn BIG now! And now into the new year. I remember when 2013 seemed this crazy far away dimension of mega future-dom! I honestly thought things would be all Blade Runner/hover-car like by now. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow writing out my dreams for 2013 (and referencing my dreams for 2012). xo m


  1. A tip about glute-free pancakes: I've used just rice flour before, mixed with enough kefir to make it pancake batter consistency (plus a little salt), they actually come out pretty nicely. Not totally like a typical pancake, but really good nonetheless!

    I'm really digging your collection of mugs -- they're all wondefully unique. Vintage thrift, right?

  2. mugs are vintage and from "anthropologie". I've tried so many pancake recipes. I really like that traditional, fluffy pancake texture and I have a few good recipes but sometimes gathering up all the ingredients is too ambitious for early morning... :)
    xo m

  3. Happy New Year! I'm so happy you're finding your way around caffeine free life. Good f***ing job girl, it's so hard but feels so much better. When I got off all caffeine I drank a lot of good earth all herbal chai-y tea, for a treat you know. Also dandy blend and inka though I think the latter is made from like barley. Those pancakes look yum and also with Sara on your mugs.



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