Monday, December 3, 2012


   Sooooo... after many months of hoping & patiently waiting, I opened my little spot at the fremont vintage mall! I'm pretty excited about the stability to my chaotic finances that this will bring. The mall is loaded with treasures and gets tons of foot traffic and is crazy busy on weekends. I will still keep up my etsy shop but let's just say etsy is A LOT of work and I'm ready to simply tend a sweet corner and pick up a monthly check of my take. So far, so good. Business is bustling and items have been selling like hotcakes!
 That's my little handmade sign! It hangs in my space.

Now, I'm off to tackle a to do list that has way too many to do's on it. xo m


  1. yeah girl! i had a spot like that when i lived in portland and i loved it. very fast turnover. xoxo

  2. done! i am so there! seattle is my town too, so i'll be checking your space out!


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