Wednesday, November 21, 2012


  This month has been such a journey. So many changes in various areas. Along with the transition of seasons comes a shift in mood and for the first time in many years, I don't feel depression descent like so many black clouds. I feel something, yet it's much lighter than it was in the past/ I feel extremely grateful for that. Struggling with depression is my biggest challenge and I find that immersing myself in projects, people and interests other than what's going on in my head! really helps me to cope.
  I've devoted myself (on a schedule with goals even) in a realistic and productive way, to my writing. I am going to finish the vampire book in the next 6 months and I have a submission for a literary magazine due in a couple weeks. It feels so wonderful to have this written life taking form in my head (a lovely distraction). it (almost) makes up for the romance drought I'm currently experiencing.
  I am a hopeless romantic. I decided that I would try and stay away (oh so far away...) from any of those kinds of situations for a time and I am happy with that choice, it is, however, a bit of a new path for me. I feel the pull of longing to belong to some special couple. When I start to get a little mopey I just call up a friend or take myself on a little date. It works. And you know what, I've deepened friendships and made so many amazing friends over the last few months. It really is a gift.

  Now the day is full of rain and I have a few yard chores to finish before I spend the day thrifting and making a few treats for a feast tomorrow. My vintage mojo has been strong these days! I am opening a little vintage space in a vintage mall on December first and I want everything to be just right. Excited! xo m

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  1. there's a saying, "when i got busy, i got better." sometimes our heads can be dangerous places, and it can be healthy to have meaningful things to do, rather than dwell. good for you partaking in the things you love!


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