Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the summer list!

   I had planned on slowing down and trying to enjoy our summer as lazily as possible, unfortunately, work wasn't aware of these plans and has been super slow... That means working extra just to be able to pay off the pile of bills. I still feel I am on the right path (single mama hood...) but oh, it's pretty hard and there just isn't a lot of free time. I'm hoping that this month is better (work wise) and we'll be able to get away, even for a few days. If not, there are still plenty of fun summer goals to sneak into our days...
 *taking time out for tea time. Making a pot of handmade tea and then sitting in the yard (or the kitchen if it's gloomy-which it often is) while we sip it.
 *making journals & writing in them, every evening together.... Not so easy with a 13 year old and a 4 year old but we're gonna work on it.
 *going berry picking and making lots of jam. Last summer we did so much berry picking and out jam and berries lasted us all year.

*sports. This girl LOVES sports. Of almost any kind but she's very into baseball. We get outside every day and do some sort of baseball or basketball playing...

*camping. The kids really want to go camping. It can be difficult here, it's just so wet! But we will camp, even if it's in the backyard!

*getting out of town. for even a day...

*going to the beach and tide pools.


that's the summer list so far... xo m

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  1. sounds like a good list...I should really make one with my kids as well. Have a great summer love Heather


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