Thursday, June 28, 2012

oooh, feels like summer!!

  We've been lucky in the pacific northwest this year, it already seems like we've had many more stunning summer days than we did last summer. The last couple days have been especially wonderful.  It makes it so much easier to get the dozen things on my to do list done (or almost done) when the sun is shining. I try to appreciate and enjoy what each season has to offer but after living in Washington for oh, 16 years, I think summer has become the favorite. Summertime can be really amazing here. Otherwise it pretty much rains all the time.
  This month has been devastatingly sloooow online, my esty shop is just full full full of goodies, so I've been working every possible avenue just tryin to make ends meet... And organizing the house, setting up a music room, enjoying the fair weather....
 and getting new crystals! A friends of mine is moving across town and really went minimal, getting rid of most everything...
 spending time with friends, getting dressed up in fancy prints to go see friends bands.
 the summertime mudroom is in full effect! In winter is gets so cold and damp that I can't really have any plants or books out there but in summer it's the perfect greenhouse for succulents and cacti.
 BONNET madness!! I am sooooo into the clothes on Little House on the Prairie! Especially the bonnets! I'm looking for just the right bonnet pattern.
 Somebody still loves Garfield a lot!
 This guy has been hunting. Lazily, he's not actually hungry but can't resist batting a grey rat to death here and there. I end up chasing him around with a rake when he puts them in his mouth. It's just so, ick...
 My little, very red hued, booth at the hangover flea market. Fun hangin w pals, not so good for making money, but I got a better idea of what their shopper are looking for (NOT koo koo crazy printed dresses!)...
  Yesterday was a very busy kitchen day. Made biscuits, mixed berry jam and mixed berry crisp. I cleaned out the freezer of the last bit of last summer berries we picked (we still have 2 big bags of blueberries!) and we were out of jam so... I just cannot bring myself to buy jam, homemade tastes so much better.
  Another busy day of work and hustling clothes today. Rent is right around the corner... The end of this day will find us planting a few seeds in the garden, I just know it! Happy thursday! xo m


  1. It all sounds like makings of a wonderful summer! ~Enjoy Love Heather

  2. Lucky you. Our weather up here has been so slow to start. I can hardly believe it's halfway through summer already. Maybe it's time to head down to seatown ;) Happy Summer m'dear. I'm glad I found this other log of yours. Keep em comin!

  3. Maybe in august? This month I'm doing too much to leave the island except we have to go to bham in the end of the month.

  4. yes!! anytime, and there's a comfy couch or we could make you a princess pillow pile bed in my studio too. xo m


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