Monday, April 9, 2012


  This past week has been full of joy. I've finally found what I was lacking the last few years. In my last relationship, we were so different and the more I tried to make things work with him, the more of my true self was hidden or diluted in the process. I truly feel like my "old" self and I think it's really important to stand on my own two feet for a while-without getting swept away and lost in the tempting tides of a new romance. I am firmly resolved to embrace and remain single for a time. I feel happy, am myself and incredibly inspired. There are so many projects and ideas to work on (and new thoughts coming to mind daily)!
  A sweet late night outing with a friend, we were almost the only ones inside this huge, expensive restaurant. It felt like an old fashioned diner.
 Ballet, in tennis shoes. She is VERY into ballet, gymnastics and Basketball! (?)
   A very dark picture of our new coffee table. Oh how S. and I argued over the merits and downfalls of a coffee table (um, we pretty much disagreed on EVERYTHING). It seemed like no matter what stance I took on an issue-he always took the opposing view. So now he's out and in comes the coffee table!
 My old zine pal, Emily, has put out a new issue of muffin bones and reading it instantly transported me back in time to feeling like the frolicking young lady I once was (am!)... This is issue was pretty bittersweet... get it and see... so so good!
 We stumbled upon this fairy den (ok, squirrel mansion!) yesterday after lounging in the 73 degree weather at the park. My picture does not do it's magic justice...
  Ok, off on our busy day of allergy testing for my gal (excited/scared) and a vet trip for Tommy (another UTI-ugh ugh ugh!)... crossing fingers and as always hoping for the very best! xo m

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