Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 visions for the year 2012...

  I am constantly making dream lists (ok everything lists but real, true life goal lists also) but I do sit down around dec 30 or 31 and make a list for the new year. I want this year to be fruitful and positive and so so lovely but positive is the BIG word here. So super cool and just like this:
it's gonna happen! Here's a little run down of what I wanna dream for 2012..

1. Don't complain, really! Not at all, it's super boring and no one wants to hear it.
2. Write- a lot. books, letters, zines, etc. and self publish (also submit to places that may pay actual $$$).
3. Go on more dates w/myself.
4. Go on more dates w/my man.
5. Be an amazingly healthy/vegan/gluten free/sugar free/coffee free/alcohol free goddess.
6. No yelling. I will always always keep my cool!
7. Be less critical of others (this is a blanket statement that includes, but is not limited to, hurtful gossip and inane trash talking).
8. Learn to play the pretty blue guitar that I bought at a yard sale last spring. This will most likely involve actual lessons.
9. work work work on making my etsy store super wonderful (big changes are coming and I am excited and recharged!).
10. Be magical. And see magic in other people/places/thing.
11. Clean the basement of doom.
12. keep bees

  I am already sure that 1 and 7 will be the hardest but hey, I'm not complaining. Happy new years my friends! xo m


  1. Yes yes yes i love this! Let there be LIGHT. <3

  2. these are all so good but i am fully with you on #10. happy new year! xo

  3. Great list, lady! I am with you on so many of these, but I refuse to give up coffee! Happy New Year!! :)


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