Sunday, September 25, 2011

last days of summer...

   The last week has been freakishly warm. A nice little bit of Summer when it really should feel like Autumn already.  We've been trying to get in as many outdoor outings as possible. I've been really into walking around on the waterfront. We started going down there more once we got the aquarium membership, (there are often many tourists and I have to try and fuzz them out sometimes....) it's nice and old timey Seattle on the waterfront, so pretty...

   There is a carousel on the waterfront that goes REALLY fast. I'm serious, I had to tell the lady that we were done, I was getting so dizzy.  Someone loves the carousel to death.

   The fair at night is a magical place. Soooo dreamy with all those lights. And rides are so much more fun in the dark.

  I woke up this morning to darkness and rain. The backyard looks swampy and I need to finish making that dang chicken fence... Today's the day, getting it done before it really starts raining. Happy Sunday. xo m

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