Friday, September 30, 2011

the fair...

  Oh the fair... The trashy, yet charming. Puyallup fair. The day that worked best for us to go was rainy and gloomy. I like to look around and see the animals and go on a few rides but all the food is so terribly unhealthy and I wish there was a fair like this around here... Still, the kids loved it!

  You wouldn't believe how long the line at the deep fried butter stand was. eeeew!

  Now we're settling into Autumn. There are a few more yard projects that have to get done this weekend. And then I'll start looking for a good place to pick apples. The place we've gone the last few years isn't that wonderful and has gotten more and more crowded... Any ideas, Washington friends? Happy Friday! xo m

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  1. It looks like a mighty fine day! The idea of fried butter really is a foul one. Happy Fall! xo s


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