Thursday, July 7, 2011

summer is...

  We've been enjoying our sunny days at much as possible. It was actually really gloomy and sprinkly today but it gave me a much needed change to work on our garden (which is mostly containers this year), I just camped out under the carport and potted tomatoes, peppers, mint, catnip, cucumbers, and many more tomatoes... We had to go all over town to three different places before I actually found some decent looking ones. No sungolds though, oh well, next year for sure.
   Making so much sun tea. Mostly green and white ones.
 Date night, fancy (strong!) margaritas and many salsas at senor moose.
 Love these faces. Makes me so happy when we aren't on a schedule and can just hang out and be together.
 A "shandy" is beer and lemonade. Sometime I add a little hot sauce, a salted rim is good too!
 best ever gluten free biscuits. We'll be making more for dinner tomorrow. I will hopefully have a fresh batch of strawberry jam (berry picking tomorrow!)...

 the tiniest pool. She loves it.
 Real beach, I really sunburned my legs and tops of feet, ouch. We just stopped by unexpectedly and I only had a little tube of sunblock for the kids. It was worth it. Thankfully I had a paper parasol so my face, shoulders and arms were spared.

  Looks like we may be getting a new kitty in our family. We'll see, Papa is sleeping on it... cross your fingers. xo m

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  1. Mindy! Jones Creek Farm sells tomatoes at the Capitol Hill market--we always get our sungold starts (and their fertilizer) from him. He might still have some!


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