Sunday, July 3, 2011

new york is too far away...

I have been absent from this space since my bestest friend, Hillary, was here for 8 days. It was so fun to just hang out. We got in a few good late nights (and one awesome house party with a Rolling Stones cover band that I will hold dear in my little memory vault forever)... Now she's back in nyc and I am getting down to business.
 Too bad the weather was mostly awful for her visit, this was our beach day...
   I took so many pics of Hill modeling clothes for my etsy shop so that will keep me busy for a couple weeks at least.
    There were also hand poked tattoos... more on that later...
   Now I need to save my pennies for a ny visit. asap... xo m


  1. You adorable adorable ladies... it looks like you had SO much fun. thanks for sharing the smiley friend faces. (-;

  2. Yay for old friends! And you girls really are the cutest. :)


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