Wednesday, June 15, 2011


  We've been lucky to have been getting sunny days. Most mornings start off gloomy but by early afternoon the sun is out. It's so much easier for me to get out and be motivated with a little sunshine. I've started making a real effort to be consistent in my yoga practice and it makes me so happy and keeps my head and breath calm.

   These hens are so smart. Maybe "smart" isn't the right word but (wow!) they sure are easily trained. I can get them to anything if I reinforce it with a snack. I don't know how much they understand of what I'm saying, maybe they understand the tone of my voice.  They do know their names. I love them. They behave better than our cats.
   This guy is a professional sleeper. all day long. Nothing more cozy than a nap in the sun...

  I'm looking forward to more sunny days. We have a bunch of wedding related events coming up in the next few days. One of my dearest friends is in town (for our mutual friends wedding on Saturday) and I got to spend some time with her today and it's so wonderful to have friends who have known you since you were a kid and can remind you of things you have forgotten about life, yourself and who you used to be or used to dream of becoming... Old friends are so magical! xo m


  1. Right on!!! Love the photos!! Have fun with your friends!

  2. Mindy, it's been too long since I peeked in at your blog! So many sweet pictures... so much hope for the sun. This year was crazy awful dark, even in Cali, so no need to think that you missed out on any healing rays. I am so glad that summer is here! I just wanted to check in and say hello and happy solstice.... thanks for all that you have shared here.... i have lived with The Blues my whole life, so you have all of my empathy. hope all is strawberries and lightness for you from here on out! xoxo Sasha

  3. those cherries look divine, love the blue paint in your kitchen, love the chickens and the coop, and mostly just found your lovely blog through bluebirdbaby and thought I'd stop to say I love it. beautiful imagery and joy to be found, thank you!

  4. Gosh Mindy, I do so love all these sunny spring photos!! What a beautiful life!! xox


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