Monday, July 25, 2011

lightning frightening!

  This morning I was awoken by the craziest thunder I've ever heard in my life. It sounded like a car was being ripped apart and thrown onto the pavement. It was terrifying and the lightning was super visible in a very end of days sort of way. It was a rude way to wake up but the dream it woke me from was way too strange and creepy so... better thunder and lightning than scary nightmare sorcerer dudes trying to bewitch my best friend and I (that's what I get for watching true blood right before bed)!
   We are so lucky to live in a city with so many wonderful parks. Several in walking distance of our house and we walk to one every day, sometimes (usually) more than just once a day.
   It was 58 degrees today, It really feels like fall. I am feeling like I'm fighting a cold so I made green lentil soup(with coconut milk from the Super Natural Everyday cookbook) and I was overcome with Autumnal emotion as I was sipping my soup, it was eerie. Nature seems very confused, or totally dysfunctional, it makes me sad. I love the seasons. Getting a bit of summer makes the constant Northwest gloom bearable. Without the sun, it's like living in a desperate barren frontier land where everyone is kinda hard hearted and depressed. Have you read The Living? It's like that...
   Studying up on bees bees bees... I've had this book on my wish list for years and My friend, Ria has a super awesome original that she let me borrow. In love with those bees.  I am planning on getting a hive this coming spring.
 Reeeeeally into muffins right now. Maybe it's because it gives me a reason to use all my cool colorful and patterned muffin papers...
 Once in a while it hits, oh,  75 degrees and we can have a popsicle.
 Spent some time over the weekend organizing my herbs and tea shelves and I'm so happy I did. Some teas were super old or ones I didn't even like and now I know what i have and can see it all.
   Yesterday was a cooker, I think it actually got up to 80 at one point. I'm so used to the cold I was actually sweating like crazy and fanning myself with my hand, it was silly, but sheesh it felt so hot. Spending time with friends in the sun felt so nice though.
  Tomorrow I get to force my man (or son) to take pics of me for my etsy. It's so hard trying to find a model and then coordinate a time to take pics. My stack of items that need to be listed are piling up so I guess I'll have to model what I can because I can't put it off any longer. try not to giggle (too hard) when you see my new listings in a couple days! xo m

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