Saturday, April 2, 2011

amethyst, tigers eye, hematite, sage & pinon...

  Dealing with another little patch of sickness.. Thursday afternoon my gal was a bit sniffly and then it progressed to insane ear infection by evening.
 There she is in the easter aisle of the drug store. " Whoa, they have SO MUCH cool stuff!" ...
and then yesterday morning, she was looking very pale, complaining non stop about back pain so it was back to the er. urinalysis, blood work, x-rays... all fine. Home resting. She is on the upswing and I'm feeling sick again. eek. I kind of knew this was coming. At pre-school on Mon and Wed all the kids were coughing, crying, extreme runny noses...
  I spent the afternoon, cleaning house and "cleaning" house, burning sage and pinon. Making herbal, lemon honey drinks... Here's to a weekend of rest and recovery. to wellness ans sunshine! xo


  1. I am just catching up on your blog posts, as we were spring breakin' it and I must say good lord you guys have had bum luck with sicknesses. I hope everyone is okay. Wish I could help. Sending healing thoughts to you all. xox

  2. well now the littlest is better but the guys are down with the tummy thing and I am feeling awful but I have to take care of everyone... looking forward to wellness!


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