Thursday, March 17, 2011

i love clothes...

  I have lots of clothes. I make clothes, sell them, sell vintage clothes... Mostly this space has been an expression of my private side, crafting, food makin, family life... a little talk of clothes and such. The more I'm working (which now, is more and more as I'm finding that I've missed it and well, we need the money!) the more this space is becoming about clothes... I will find a balance. At times, I feel annoyed with clothes and fashion, I am prone to melancholy and dark moods and sometimes fashion bugs me with it's vanity, airs and triviality but I do so love it and through expression in fashion I make myself happy. It's been that way as long as I can remember.  I remember piling on every print and color and bright pink reebok high tops (oh how everyone teased me over those shoes, but I loved em!) and trying to get the esprit look down in grade school... and then I discovered thrifting and the rest is history...

dress: H&M/goodwill
jeans: Antik Denim/goodwill
belt: goodwill
sweater: F21
Shoes: Aerosoles
Bag: goodwill (love it, it's a mystery)

And dang, those aerosoles are comfortable! This mama needs some comfy shoes!!
Happy St Patrick's Day. Now back to my Guiness! xo Mindy Sue


  1. such cute photos of you and your girl!
    and damn, your hair is looking fine.

  2. Oh how I loved the old ESPRIT catalogs!!! I used to have so many clothes~ vintage and new, that I had an entire room just for my clothes! After eleven years of pregnancy and breastfeeding , I am looking forward to a real wardrobe again.

    I am with you on the fashion thing but I do love personal style~ I think it is so important to feel good about what you wear. And I love your St. Patrick's Day look. Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your Guiness! I had a black and tan last night and it was fantastic! :)

  3. um, yeah, I have definitely decided that I have to put a bit more effort into dressing up or trying to look cute these days. I won't allow myself to wear jeans and t shirts everyday... It's so hard when you have kids to muster up that energy to play dress up, but it almost always makes me feel better.. a little anyway. the guiness was good, too good.


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