Saturday, March 19, 2011

ah. mint chip. tis Irish?!

  Oh that mint chip. It has always seemed so magical to me. For our St Patrick's Day dinner I knew the dessert would just have to be mint chip ice cream because, well, it's green and all. You see, half of our house, me and she, eat no meat and the other half (ahem, the men) well, yes they want some meat but I don't cook it... I was trying to figure out a proper Irish dinner as corned beef was out and I don't really enjoy boiled cabbage so I knew it would have to be potatoes (totally Irish!!) and um, well, we have plenty of eggs, yes, that's Irish enough, and some nice bread, with a good green salad and then the bright totally green mint chip ice cream... I am so not into artificial colors in foods but I have to bend my rules when it comes to mint chip ice cream and creme de menthe cuz they should just be so darn green, right? Of course our supper began with a healthy slug of Bushmill's followed by Guiness (yes, adults only).
As a child this was my absolute favorite ice cream. De-throned for a time by baskin robbins amazing daiquiri ice (what is it with me and green stuff? and, um, what does it say that a young girls fave treat is named after an alcoholic beverage??) sherbert. I do think people pick colors to fixate upon when they need to work through a particular emotional scenario where that color applies... or something like that... At any rate, I'm not feeling super greeny but dear me, still love that ice cream. Hope your st pats was sweet and not too many whiskey headaches had to be nursed....

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