Tuesday, January 18, 2011

rainy, windy, long weekend...

This past weekend was rainy (most of the time) and windy (all of the time). The littlest got her very first big bike. It's a bit big for hr but she has room to grow into it. It's not exactly the best biking weather right now, anyway.
  The pillows on the couch had been bothering me. I don't even want to post a pic of their ugliness before I recovered them. I did like the fabric I had used on them (about a year ago, when we first moved in) but then after they sat there for a few months, I realized I didn't like it at all. A change was needed. I saw Anna Maria Horner's new innocent crush fabrics and was smitten! I used 2 of the innocent crush fabrics and a few other pink & orange bits I had in my stash. I'm happy with the new pillow covers. Someone didn't want me to take a picture of just the pillows....

   I also got so super sucked into Friday Night Lights and spent waaaay too much time streaming on netflix (every episode is on there!!). I've heard about this show for some time but stayed far away because... Well, I was raised in a football family, my Grandpa was a very successful high school football coach, and I was never into it. My Grandpa was cool w/ that and supported me. I never really understood or liked the competitive, male dominated attitude that many of the players, fans (and too many other family members) had... I was just really not into football at all, still don't care for it but this is a good show. And Tim Riggins? Hello, second coming of Jordan Catalano!
  But today, no tv watching...  I need to get busy and be productive! Time to take pics and list on etsy, make a lace curtain and bake cookies w/ my gal! My little lady really wanted me to post this pic of the frozen yogurt (do it yourself-by weight) we got yesterday. She was very into it. We're in trouble now...
Ok, friends, off to work! Happy Tuesday (that feels like a Monday)!


  1. oh friday night lights is so amazing! tim riggins!! i watched the whole series last year and am dying to see the new season but it's only on direct tv, which is lame. i think you and i have the exact same tv taste. xo!

  2. tim riggins! wow, if the football players at my school had been even half that hot i might've liked football... there are links on project free tv to stream the new episodes.

  3. I have stayed away from that show despite the acclaim for the exact same reasons! Gosh, I may have to watch it! :)

    I love the new pillows and yay for bikes! She is such a cutie.

  4. sara, it's GOOD! I'm warning you though, I have been foregoing sleep to watch it! and there's not too much football...


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