Monday, December 27, 2010

preparing for the new year.

  As much as I love the holidays, there is always a big sigh of relief when it's all over. We've taken steps to simplify the season but I bet we can do even better next year!

  So happy to pack away the ornaments and decorations for another year. I'm excited for the new year and focusing on bringing mindfulness into our lives as much as possible. At the top of the list is the endless war against clutter. I do little sweeps here and there but I feel like getting some major organization done this week. I need to clear literal and figurative space for all the wonder that will come in 2011.

  Also, I figured out today-thank you dr.-why I've been so cranky and plagued by terrible headaches. I have a bad sinus infection with a side of two ear infections. I have to take antibiotics which I'm bummed about (the few times I've taken any I've felt terribly nauseous) but the headaches hurt and need to be gone... Now, I need to work on one of my other goals-going to bed early. No ore staying up until 1am streaming tv shows... This girl needs serious rest!


  1. Those cookies (and your kids!) are absolutely adorable. Love the colors. :) I am definitely not looking forward to packing away the decorations for another year. That might be one of the most sad parts about the holiday. Feel better!

  2. thank you! trying to visualize wellness but... feeling baaaad today. antibiotics do not agree w my delicate tummy... sigh

  3. It looks like you had a fun holiday! bummer about the headaches, I have one today. I , too, stay up way past my bedtime but it is my only time without wee ones. oh well. I will be right here across the country with you de-cluttering and working on the mindfulness! :)

  4. I know, it's so hard not to stay up late. It's nearly impossible to write when my littlest one is awake so I've been staying up sooo late working on a story... oh well. making progress on the de-luttering though...


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