Friday, October 1, 2010

autumn times!

  The weather has shifted into Fall. There have been some really warm afternoons but the mornings are crisp and often gloomy with rain. I think Autumn is by far my most creative time. All the making, baking, food storing/preserving, and the harvesting is so inspiring. We move back inside and start spending more time in our home-at this time I realize all the little home nesting projects that have slid by all summer and I start working on them (posts about that soon!). And I have to finish painting the outside of the chicken run before it starts seriously raining-kind of dreading it but it needs to be done.

 Our tomato plants (11 of them) have been so good to us. We've had so many tomatoes everyday for the last couple months. They're finally at their end though. Rotting or blighting their way away. We've picked most of them (even the green ones) and we're picking the rest and pulling the plants this weekend. I'll miss being able to go out and grab fresh tomatoes but we've made plenty of sauce and have many packages of slow roasted tomatoes in the freezer.

 On our way to the fair. Mostly we look at the farm animals, displays and have a few treats.
 I love this bicycle planter. I would look so sweet in a front yard!

 This bunny really wanted out. How boring to be stuck in a tiny cage all day... It always bums me out to see animals like this. We didn't even go into the pig barn. I can't handle that at all.
 These hamster balls in water are VERY hard to walk in. Most of the kids in them spent their time crawling.

Every window has green tomatoes-they don't taste the best when they are picked green but they're ok if you roast them.
  I try not to ever buy this candy but I have did feel pretty jazzed that we walked into the drugstore just as they finished putting out the Halloween candy. It looked pretty impressive all perfectly organized and stacked en masse. wow! My son was freaking out!
  My son returns home from a camping trip today and we're off to apple pick this weekend. Can't wait! What does the weekend hold for you?


  1. i love the colors of your windows!
    such sweet photos, enjoy your weekend!

  2. thank you! We're lucky the inside and outside is all trimmed in such a pretty blue, cuz the house itself is no beauty! xo


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