Tuesday, September 7, 2010

middle school

  Tomorrow is the first day of school for my oldest and I'm certain I'm more nervous than he is. Every new school year brings with it the reminder of how quickly time passes and I just want to grab hold of him and make everything stop for a bit. I can picture high school and college, so close now and it terrifies me. I don't want him to ever go. There was some talk of home schooling (it had always been the plan to home school after elementary ended) but he wanted to try the new school and see how it goes...

Our lone jack o lantern is turning orange. so many long vines and so many male flowers but I have only seen 3 female flowers and this is the only one that ended up getting pollinated (didn't know that I could or needed to do that until the other two rotted off and then there were no more females... sad!)

  The hens are growing and spend a lot of time laying in cozy piles in the alfalfa. They seem so big to me until I walk by a yard with full grown chickens and then my lassies seem quite tiny in comparison. Hope they're comfy enough and warm.
  Our summer was not much of a summer and fall really seems to have settled in. I'm busy canning, jamming, harvesting herbs for drying, weeding/pulling dead things, planting a bit and slow roasting tomatoes. Next spring we'll add more raised beds and try a few new things. It's amazing how much you learn just by trying!


  1. thinking of you today! i want time to just stop for little while! how do they grow so fast?

  2. It is always a scary day when you let the little chickens in with the big kote is your best friend!...good luck. We are getting our next batch in on Oct 4th ish...


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