Monday, August 9, 2010


  I thought I was feeling ready for fall until we had an extra gloomy (Seattle-sigh...) weekend. The sunny, warm days are so few here. The cool weather has made me want to knit hough! I'm itching to get going on more challenging knitting projects. A few small sweaters, a sweater for myself, a mans hat... I want to get together some knitting mamas for a weekly knitting/coffee group. It can be difficult to get together a group of mamas and babes, but I'm determined!
sun tea! This sweet girl at the thrift warehouse gave me the eclipse mason (they seem harder to find) and I LOVE it!

On the way to our secret berry picking spot... it's a bit of a hike.

Making "dilly beans"! I'm trying this with cucumbers today. I love dill. I threw in some dill seeds in the spring and forgot about them and now there is plenty of dill for all the pickling.

More jam! This time, blackberry. Tucked in to rest for the night.
My two fair colored hens are getting so big and the dark (barred plymouth rock) hen has such short legs and her body seems smaller, I wonder if she's a bantam? I guess we'll see, Her feathers and beak seem more developed. When I got them, they were all the same size but I wonder... She's a funny, wobbly girl anyways.
  Tommy wants to pounce on the chickens BAD. This is his face when he's watching them. Doesn't he look super annoyed?
  Next week my oldest goes to his Dad's for two weeks. I try to be calm about it but it's a really hard anxiety ridden time for me. He'll also be flying alone for the first time...
  Off to sew. I need to deliver some more goods to the shop and my etsy store... Happy monday!

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