Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunny Days

  The lilacs are blooming! I knew we had lilacs but didn't know, until they began to  bloom, that we had white, dark purple and light purple. Wonderful! The weekend was spent mostly tending to projects in the yard (and dodging wasps-there are so many out looking for spots to start hives! eek!). It's so easy to feel content and positive with the sun shining, birds singing, a glass of iced tea and an old quilt to lay on...
  The radish patch continues to be the favorite cat lounging spot...
See, that's orange cat #2 retreating, orange cat #1(Tommy, our actual cat) is sitting at the bottom of the fence hissing all puffed up. orange cat #2 is a stray or abandoned cat that I've been feeding. He's scrappy and we call him Brutus. Can a girl can ever have too many orange cats?

I added some more clothes for little ones to my handmade shop lulubellbaby on etsy. There are also lip balms for mamas. Please do stop by and see!
  I hope the sun is finding you and inspiring you to finish all your springtime projects. I am loving it!

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