Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it was sunny yesterday and filled my heart with warmth...

  Yesterday was such a lovely day. The sun lit up the Seattle gloom and it felt like a perfect spring day. There was a bit of time spent outside, trying to weed, but the baby wasn't content to stay in one spot and kept getting into tools and such. So much work to be done in our yard. It seems rather daunting but in the end it will be worth the hard work.

We've spotted a few cherry blossom trees already blooming. Are they confused?
went to mighty-o for an organic vegan apple fritter but they were sold out! Dang. the coconut chocolate was so delicious though. And the little miss had 3 tiny ones and she is not breakfast gal...
  I made this little "tool roll" (from the Lotta Jansdotter book) for a good friend's birthday on saturday. I basically followed her instructions but of course, I always modify everything at least a bit. I think it turned out quite nice and it was easy. Plus I am freaking out over all the amazing echino fabrics I got a while back but thought were to precious to cut into...

Made vegan mac & cheese for dinner. Very good and easy to make but time consuming as there were several steps/stages involved... I don't think the kids cared for it a bit. Oh and that is a before picture, forgot to take an after and now it's all eaten up. We also had some sauteed savoy cabbage with champagne vinegar, so so good! Ok, now I am wiped out. Totally overdid it at yoga yesterday and have been sore in a few spots all day. Nothing a little Michael Scott can't cure!


  1. 1. we have the same kettle
    2. are those fritters gluten-free? (dreaming)

  2. they are totally not gluten free... i am bad sometimes!


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