Tuesday, January 19, 2010

silver lining...

In the midst of my duties as dr mama, I had a bit of time to try and organize. My carnival of a closet is slowly getting under control. Such a fine balance between hoarding and "supplies"..

See the clock at the ER. Saturday night was no fun. It is terrifying to see your little one struggle to breathe. It makes them seem so tiny and unbelievably fragile. I spent the weekend in an over tired anxiety haze. I feel a bit like I am coming out of that. There is a lingering depression brought on by this stressful time. Add to all of the above-my very own cold. Perhaps picked up at the germy er? My oldest and I woke with a nasty cold and I am very much looking forward to a time when we are all carefree and well again. soon soon soon!

 These dark days are short on light and it makes my mind heavy. I find myself daydreaming of snorkeling and sipping mexican beer in the sun. There is some serious vacation talk going on around here. In December we moved into a much more affordable house and were able to get rid of our old storage rental so all in all we have been saving a few pennies. I may get to see some sun sooner than Seattle spring!


  1. hi gold fawn,

    delighted you wish to join the challenge... as to loading up the little button i'm not that up on those things but i'm thinking you need to right click on the button, take the properties and upload it in to a 'picture' add on within your sidebar. you can then add the link to my blog in the 'ad on' bit.
    i hope that make sense to you... if not i'm sure a challenger of the utmost kind on my sidebar would be willing to advise :)

    cheerio my dear and good luck!

  2. hi dottie,
    feeling oh so accomplished and pleased that I was able to figure it out! hooray! xo


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