Friday, January 15, 2010

pneumonia, no fun.

   Croup? um, yeah the nd was wrong... I've had a bad feeling about my little gal's cough and other symptoms all week. I tried to tell myself I was just worrying but I just knew it was the "big bad". A few hours at the hospital, nebulizer, chest x-rays confirming pneumonia. feeling so wiped out, tired, sick and sorry for myself. feeling like the lonliest girl in the world today. I have no perspective on anything at the moment, there's just a big grey hole in my mind. I need to get outside and  watch some birds.
  Can't wait for spring, then we'll be watching sweet little bees...

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  1. Oh man oh man, that sounds horrible. I hope the little one gets better fast. Also, I'm getting more and more down on ND's as primary care docs. I'm missing you, lady. Let's talk soon.


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