Friday, January 8, 2010


  In the mornings, the moon is still visible! Hiding behind haze, but there...

  When I was younger, I felt expression was easiest through poetry. I was able to be honest, with myself, yet the writing was mostly a mystery to others. I've been trying to get back into this lately and do enjoy it. It saddens me to think that poetry,  once the highest of arts (poets the stars of the past...), now seems laughable to many.  Oh, such a different world now...

and shorn from thoughts
they fall
not far

I am open armed
ready to grasp
holding strands like arrows
in my mouth

an openness
pries at my heart
looking to reside
and fill, full with misshapen wings

I feel them unfurl
sweetly sharp
so flat, so still
yet full of waves


  1. Keep writing! I've been looking at a few tumblr sites that are fun to look at you might like....

    Lots of hippie goodness.


  2. wowwee! thanks ingrid! such coolness!


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