Wednesday, January 6, 2010

happy, so happy

  The winter is wrapping around me, wearing on my optimism. No bright skies in the morning, impossibly black when I wake up at 7am. I'm finding myself dreaming about the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, even California... Sunshine, I miss you.

  I spotted this sweet house for sale today. This one picture doesn't capture it's grandeur properly. The whole back was built into a hillside and there was an enormous deck with lovely balconies and it's just HUGE, but there were people living there and they were on the deck smoking and I didn't want them to be crabby or creeped out at me.

Really good mexican food is almost painful to eat for the strong memories of fun vacations past it evokes.

The situation in the backyard is rough, to say the least. friends, there's a lot of work to be done. And where to put the bees?

  I've been piecing and sewing and embellishing all afternoon, pictures to appear soooon! Managed to get away and do a little looking around today. Well, went to the candy store to get this . And then ended up falling in love with this flat nail polish . but decided to buy this book , ok and this one too... I'll be going back for the nail polish. Perfect for my winter mood.

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