Tuesday, January 5, 2010

goals for 2010...

  I am a big list maker. Any opportunity to make lists... It calms me, to put things down in an organized manner. I like when they get crossed off.
  here goes..

*work on "the book" that I haven't felt like working on in years. I am feeling like it again, finally!
*try my hand at bees , mmmm home crafted honey.
*be less critical, more accepting and remember that patience is a virtue.
*commit to avoiding wheat, animal products & nightshades.
*prepare healthful, whole, organic foods, I won't even bring junk into the house.
*avoid sugar big time.
*be very considerate and mindful when thrifting and ask myself if: a)the item serves a definite purpose/there is a need for it. b)I don't already have an item that serves a similar purpose. c)I LOVE it, so much so I'd be willing to get rid of 3 things I already own to make room for it...
*spend more time exploring magical outdoors areas.
*establish the rhythms of our home life.
*save save save.
*visit the american south and wwoof
*take better care of myself, allow breaks and rest.
*learn more about wine.
*make the yard a bit more bird & butterfly friendly.

  looking forward to this new year!


  1. Mindy that is a GREAT list!!! I know we will start seeing thing crossed out soon!!!

    Thanks for being inspiring!

  2. Great list! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm committing to eating healthier and exercise myself!

  3. thanks guys! It seems I have to see it written down so I can actually commit to doing it... xo


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