Monday, January 11, 2010

cold to the bone

  These last few days of rain, lack of sleep, sick baby duty has taken it's toll on me. My joints are sore and aching. It's hard caring for a little one and carrying them literally all day and then holding all night. I think I need and adjustment, I'm all out of whack... Trying to concentrate (tired as I am) on proper posture and drink lots of water (a little rose kombucha) and maybe if she naps I will get some yoga in...

  I managed to sneak away for a little alone time yesterday and got some much needed yarn and needles for some new projects and was surprised to see that one of my favorites knitting stores has a huge and amazing selection of roving and fibers for spinning and felting. I just never really went into the back of the store because it's all lace yarn and sock yarn back there and now I know fibers of sorts. So many lovely colors and feels and many have that intoxicating (please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way?...)um, barnyard scent. I got a small sampling of wool to try felting small balls. I really want to start spinning...

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