Monday, October 20, 2014


  I was born in 1974. Year of the Tiger. I have always felt such an affinity for cats of all kinds but the tiger is my cat of dreams. My fiery spirit animal. I channel Tiger energy in moments when I require strength. Lately my inner Tigress has been wide awake and roaring all day long.
   Last year my daughter entered kindergarten at a private school. The admissions process was long, exhausting and we were lucky enough to receive a scholarship. I don't want to get into too many details (out of respect for the families involved) but my daughter is being bullied by another little girl in her class. This began from the start of school last year and has only gotten worse. I feel like the teacher (who is new to the school) is, somewhat, minimizing my concerns. I'm meeting with the teachers tomorrow, then going to the head of school to talk about the situation. We are already evaluating other options and considering homeschooling until next year if need be. I am in full Tigress mode: awake, active, fierce, commanding... My concerns are valid and I won't be pacified until a positive resolution is reached.
    There were a few instances of bullying when my son was younger but at bigger (public) schools, it was easier for my son to avoid kids that were being less than kind. Luckily, I felt that the teachers and administration took things very seriously and had defined protocols in place. In a intimate private school setting it seems harder to deal with. Classes are smaller and there is only one class per grade.
If my daughter stays at this school, she will be in the same class with this girl every single year...

   I watch over my children carefully, gathering details, observing moments. My childhood was not a comforting, safe place. I know what misery looks like and it's a place I never want my children to live in. I seek to support, protect, encourage joy and find the best possible environment for my young ones.It's not an option to settle for anything less than ideal.
  I hardly slept this weekend, have knots in my stomach and feel so distracted form all my other life demands. I just want my little girl to feel happy, safe. And she does not.  I will be going into the meeting tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully there is a positive outcome. Trying to do my best to feeeeel optimistic but my gut is telling me to pull her out of there and then figure out the next step... xo m


  1. hey girl, i saw this discussion on FB and i am so sorry you have to go through it. I know a woman who pulled her daughter out of school for a year due to bullying and it ended up being a wonderful experience for both of them. I support you in pulling her out if you need to - it shouldn't come to that, but don't let yourself feel defeated if that's the case. i applaud parents that can see bullying as a big enough deal to make drastic changes. what a nightmare. sending you lots of rainbow light for this process. safety and happiness is more important than anything. XO

  2. I hate to think of sweet Libs in this situation. I agree that pulling her out could be an option and you guys could have a lovely time homeschooling, but I also think that it would be good to see what the school's response is and try to set her an example that interpersonal stuff can be worked out, because honestly, having been bullied a lot in school, I really wish in hindsight that the adults involved would have been able to help me and the other kids resolve it. Those are really important skills in life. The fact that everyone isn't always going to be pleasant to deal with and that some people are downright assholes, but that there's ways for us to be graceful and kind and strong and the better person, is something that a child can learn a lot from. I hope it works out in the best possible way and I'm sorry your family has to have this put upon them and that the other adults involved aren't fierce and decisive. Sending you guys love and strength.


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