Saturday, August 16, 2014

summer of love

  I haven't been around much this last month. Not just here, on the interwebs but in my city. I spent a total of 10 days during July in Northern Ca. I grew up in Southern Ca and Northern Ca is just so different, pretty and magical, almost like a different state. I adore it. Of course, it doesn't hurt that there's a boy there that I like a lot A LOT... But here I am, now at home and having slacked a bit in the work dept, it's time for catching up in a big way.
 You can find me at the Fremont Sunday Market set up in the sweltering sun (or hiding out in the musty garage) selling dresses etc all summer long...
 On clear days, I stop and look around and feel instantly lightened by what I see. Seattle is so beautiful. I think that the contemplation of a move, somewhere off in the future, has me looking at my city fondly.

  In my nighttime dreams I am roaming dry grass covered hillsides of California, planning where to put beehives and multiple gardens. I'm transported, as I sleep to fantasy farmlands, imagined treehouses and cottages. I make mental lists as I sleep and during waking hours. I've decided that those lists are going to become a notebook of real lists, starting today.
  I've never really experienced a long distance relationship. Or a healthy relationship for that matter... I'm learning how to do this.  It feels otherworldly to be in love with someone who lives far away. I feel a little removed and in a daze at least part of the time. My heart and thoughts are elsewhere, with him.  I alternate between fearful, rational, over-analyzing (of facts and distant what-ifs) and just feeling happily lost in crazy, head over heels adoration. It is ever a struggle for me to remain in the present moment and appreciate and enjoy love as it unfolds. Mentally, I  try to run too far ahead, then I miss what is actually happening now because I'm involved in some future fixation. I have to pull myself back into this moment.  I want my reality to be made up of what is I am currently feeling right now.

Northern California twilight.
See that red hair? It is a really washed out pastel pink now, faded quick.
This Washington summer has been the hottest that I can remember. Days and days on end of heat in the 90s leave us feeling like wilting winter flowers. Summer wildcrafting and jam making projects have been less than productive. I am pretty much useless when it's humid and hot.
although in this heat we have such lovely Seattle summer sunsets.

  The clutter clearing and minimizing continues. I am still on my "get rid of it" trip big time. I like the feeling of lessening all this accumulated stuff. I need to spend some time on my little lady's room (covertly of course) today. The mountainous pile of stuffies is out of control! I'm thinking another yard sale is in order for next weekend or the weekend after. So many piles under the carport headed for the dump and a giant stack downstairs headed to value village...
  The attachment I once felt for so many precious items has really disappeared or at least lessened. I don't want to be that lady creature from Labyrinth with all her worldly treasures attached to her back! Not anymore! xo m


  1. Reading this I'm reminded of the painfulness and sweetness of falling in really is freaking crazy right! But so good too. Mindy Sue, I hope it stays wonderful always. x

  2. oh my, Teeny!! so wonderfully crazy! It's been a while and I had somewhat forgotten! xo m


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