Saturday, December 7, 2013

into winter...

  It's been cold here. Right now it's 21 degrees in my backyard! The chickens are not happy that the ground is frozen, they venture out to do a little exploring, then return to their coop to sit close to their heat lamp and sit in the doorway clucking very loudly in displeasure. I'm happy it's bright out. I don't mind the cold too much, I was lucky enough to thrift a nice puffer and a cute madewell winter coat (um, this one on their cover page, crazy what people donate to goodwill!) last week so I'm warm. The chill outside has us hunkering down with crafts, knitting projects, cocoa, tons of tea and I'm deep in the midst of rearranging and getting rid of tons of things to make room for our solstice tree. The tree will move in tomorrow so guess what I'm working on today?...
   I've been spending 15 minutes to an hour at this amazing overlook daily writing in my journal. Sometimes mundane, sometimes memoir, sometimes story ideas come flooding out.  When life gets busy and I'm feeling financial stress, my writing (creative outlet) is the first thing that gets cut from the to do list. I feel pretty miserable, after a couple days, without the outlet of pen and paper! I would always drive by this pretty hillside space and think "that would be a great place to write!" now I actually get out and do it and I feel so much better!

 felting balls for holiday gifts and crafts...

 We made a few gluten free sugar cookies last night. My gal loves decorating (and eating) most of all!
  Now I'm off to meet with my women's group and get inspired by amazing ladies... stay warm! xo m

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  1. We're going iceskating! Have fun in the cold <3 it won't last! hugs to the kids!


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