Monday, April 15, 2013

emerald isles of paradise...

  I am sitting in my kitchen breathing air that is perfumed with drying nettles. I am holding that dreamy falling-in-love-with-places feeling close right now.  I am just entering my second year of being a single lady and it feels right and perfect to fall in love with cities, trees, meadows, forests, farms... That's what I need. I'm so lucky to live in a city/state that is surrounded by clusters of lovely islands that are only a short drive and ferry ride away. And overwhelmingly green as far as the eyes can see!
   Though I only spent a little over 24 hours in her company, it was such a wonderful gift to finally meet (and have as our tour guide, field guide, chef, merry maker, etc...) the delightful nettle princess, Milla. See, there she is knee deep in her nettle empire. This lady is a true shining light and I adore her!
 Nettles... I've eaten fresh nettles with my last 3 dinners and it will continue tomorrow as I made nettle pesto today but them what? Sadness... My nettle supply is gone, I have a few baskets and cookie sheets worth drying for tea/tinctures... but they are just so delicious fried up with a little olive oil in a skillet. Thankfully, there are other spring treats to be seen to in my own backyard (but I will miss those fine nettles).

   So free and fun to be walking through trees and paths and beaches and not being crowded by the tons and tons of geared up Seattle folks I always bump into whenever we try to get forest-y in the city. Refreshing to see lots of space, less people, technology doesn't work, fewer consumer choices, I like this island A LOT!

  It felt like a deep spiritual cleanse to be in this lovely environment and away from the heavy, close energy of the city. I find it difficult to be around all the city-ness at times. I've been spending this last year trying to develop my intuition and explore my spirituality and it can feel very unpleasant when I encounter rough/mean/cruel people. These cranky city folks may not even be so awful but the city carries this hectic, frenzied energy that leaves a mark on many and I feel singed when I come into contact with a brisk or hurried attitude.
  I'm already dreaming of a return to all this green, more exploring and much more merry making. It was a really special weekend! xo m


  1. wow! thank you for your kind words, dear. It was such fun to have you and G around. C even marked on what a well-adjusted, sweet-seeming kid he is. Please come back soon for a summer retreat and merry-making. Happy days!

  2. so fun that you got to go up there! mystic babe rendezvous - i love it. sending you sunshiny love from california.

  3. oh sadie!! the motherland (you know, cali) is a callin me. I hope this summer I am able. wanna get mystical w/ you and Sasha and other lovely nor-cal babes!


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