Tuesday, December 11, 2012

california is beautiful!

  Yesterday I had one of those melancholy, missing California, listening to Gram Parsons (& Emmylou Harris) all day long kind of days. How is it possible to feel so attached and drawn to (a dead man) I've never met? It just is... and the First Aid Kit record is really good!

Now I'm off to run many errands and fit in a fancy lunch with a sweet lady friend. xo m


  1. i've been listening to first aid kit non-stop for a couple of weeks now! and what is it about g. parsons? maybe being dead, it's harder to tarnish the fantasy of him. whatever it is....purrrrowr!

  2. gram was just... everything!... and that perfect sweet, sorrowful voice!!! he's number one on my list of favorite ghosts. love love love... xo m


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