Friday, December 9, 2011

the tree!

  Our tree is large! This year we said we would choose a smaller tree but after walking around the tree farm for 45 minutes half of us had very frozen feet (we were wearing thick wool sock, it was cold that morning.) and wanted to get over to the fire by the car and warm up a little. When we got the tree home we had to cut off another foot or so just so it would fit without bending into the ceiling.
   These two (super native northwesterners) didn't complain about their feet being cold even once.

 ahhh, warmth!!

 coconut milk egg nog. So very good! I forgot, I still have some left in the fridge! Would it be delicious to make a black tea late with it? I'm gonna find out tomorrow!
  Tomorrow is my last class (of a 5 class series) in herbal home remedies. I'm kind of bummed it's over. I'm trying to discover where this new knowledge will lead me... I'm brainstorming. So many idas about the future!! happy weekending... xo m

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