Sunday, December 18, 2011

ch ch ch changes...

   I've been wanting to revamp/change the name of my etsy shop for some time. I love vintage but after almost 15 years of selling vintage clothes it's no longer the passionate love affair it once was. I'm much more fulfilled when making things. So, I've been thinking about it, taking classes, researching and visualizing the future and I've formulated a plan. I feel excited and look forward to the changes. There will still be vintage clothes but there will be so much more also! I hope to begin the changes next month, starting with the name change. My shop moniker has been kicking around for over 7 years and I'm pretty over and ready for fresh energy.

   Also, My son is turning 13 this month. We had a little party last night. I can't believe I am the parent of a teenager. I still feel like a teen in my own mind sometimes!! It just all happened so quick!

Happy Sunday. I am off to be a productive little solstice fairy... xo m


  1. love it <3 cant w8 to see the shop

  2. Awesome changes, lady! I can't wait to see your new vision for the shop and it looks like your lad had a most special birthday. THIRTEEN!!!

  3. 13?!?! wow crazy! it goes by so very quick. happy birthday g! halo just turned 11 and it seems unreal. xoxo


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