Tuesday, August 30, 2011

when it rains it pours...

  Last week ended up being a stressful crazy time. I had the best intentions of making the effort to post everyday but it seems that anytime I set a goal like that things happen that demand so much of my attention that posting is the last thing on my mind.

 On Tuesday we were spending time downtown looking around and when we got home I noticed that our kitty, Tommy seemed a little out of it. A tiny wound that he got over a month (that healed quickly and I watched for 2 weeks) had developed and abscess deep under the surface. A big one, it was terrible. He had to get surgery to remove it and is on a 10 day coarse of antibiotics. The worst part about it is that he has to wear a cone on his neck so he can't get at the stitches. He really hates the cone.
   And then our neighbor decides that (even though we gave him the courtesy of asking him, which we didn't need to do-and we built it legally and followed the coop building laws) he would like us to move our un-movable chicken coop to the middle of our backyard. He's one of those cranky types that has nothing better to do than complain and it's just one thing after another with him and we've never asking anything of him. Big damn headache. And we're not moving it so now we get to have a huge war with him cuz he won't be happy until we jump through his little hoops and do what he wants. Help!
   The Prada shoes (on sale, $169.) that I thankfully didn't splurge on cuz all our money is going to pay for vet bills.
   At least the garden is being easy going and giving us good food and staying pest free.
  And now my little gal and I are sick... Here's to hoping that  this week, a tide change happens and things lighten up...

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  1. There is something crazy in the cosmos FOR SURE! I have a crazy big list of things like this too. Hope you feel better and kitty too. The garden goodies are dreamy! Always Love your posts!


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