Saturday, August 6, 2011


   I've learned, this summer, that with certain things (potatoes, garlic...), when they start to look ugly and sickly it means they are ready to harvest. Our garlic was looking pretty funky (and I happened to notice that farmama had a garlic post up) so I started carefully digging them up. They were all ready. It was real exciting. We got well over 30 heads of garlic from a little 3x3 patch.

 Here's my gal bringing me the clothespins to hang it up in the shed to dry out. Things are growing. Our new raised bed is looking wonderful. I need to add much more soil and compost to the older beds after summer's over.
  I need to clean the shed. So much to do outside in the summer, none of the cleaning projects are getting done. I think we're off to go berry picking again. Happy Saturday. xo m

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