Wednesday, July 13, 2011

strawberry fields forever...

  We went on a pretty long (we got very lost and the gps couldn't get a signal) strawberry picking expedition last week. When we finally got to the berry field we were all a little cranky and the sun was high so we only picked for about an hour. Still, we brought home a good 9 lbs worth.
   One of us did much more eating than actually picking...
 I made jam and froze the rest. Perfect timing, our jam from last summer was down to the last jar of peach and the little gal and I are the only ones who even like peach.

  The next day we went to a birthday party in the park and the cousins were there so I had to get some pics of them showing their love.
  I think we'll be heading back to the berry fields on Friday or Saturday but to the one that's a bit closer (and I know how to get there)... Happy Wednesday! xo m

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