Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 We finally filled up our new raised bed. We had to borrow a friends truck and go to the dirt exchange and buy a truckload of soil. This giant claw picks it up and dumps it right into the bed of the truck while you're sitting in the cab watching. crazy cool. Then we went to the hardware store and my man bought me a wheelbarrow and a tarp. I was so jazzed. My idea of a really great date. Serious.
   Oooh, I want a truck SO BAD. I really want this one. yeah, that might be Tim Riggins in it... Dang, 1985 Chevy Silverado... A girl can dream...

 Everyone helped unload. Dad wore his weird white suit.
  The chickens were in super love, until I put up the new keep-out-hens-chickenwire-fence. They were mad. Now it's all planted up with squash and needs a few other starts and seeds.  ok, time to try this new $5.99 wine. I was convinced by the name "Velvet Moon", sounds like  bandname. We'll see. xo m


  1. i, also, want you to have that truck, so i can see you drive by and pretend it was riggins. is your wheelbarrow hot pink?! cute!

  2. I WILL have that truck!! and my wheelbarrow is red. i wish it was pink. riggins!...

  3. That is so awesome you have a huge yard, and CHICKENS!! We live in an apartment, so we have to make due with a parrot and a container garden.
    New shop stuff looks great!




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