Monday, May 2, 2011

in the moment...

  Adjusting to life at home was a little hard after 5 solid days of intense friend (do whatever I want all day and night long with no one to take care of) time. The first couple of days of any vacation I spend mentally comparing the new city to Seattle and kind of missing Seattle and then a shift happens and I start to feel the energy of the new city and it feels good and fun and new.  Chicago was a whole new place for me. I've never been to the Midwest and was at first surprised by the flat, sort of barren landscape. In some ways it reminded me of LA and NY. Very urban and lacking in greenery. But beautiful in a burnt out industrial way. People were friendly and real. I had such a great trip and it was wonderful to get to spend time with my friends thrifting and eating and staying up way too late.

  Back in my own reality now. Trying to concentrate on simplifying and doing one thing at a time. Planting seeds, getting the garden going, cleaning up the yard, getting rid of the "things" that are cluttering up a house that is really too small for 4 people and 2 cats. Getting things in order and being in the moment.  Also, stashing away spare change in the vacation fund, summers coming and these kids (and mama and papa) need a little desert trip! xo m


  1. It sounds like an awesome trip! I have never been to Chicago but would love to visit.

    I am still trying to simplify as well. I'll be thinking of you as I de-clutter. :)

  2. it was intense and awesome. I loved it, thrifting was sooo good. ack, decluttering is sooo hard. esp, when u thrift daily.. eek. we can work on this together... telepathic emotional support. we can do it!! xo

  3. i always mean to go back to Chicago...... i have some amazing memories but they are all too brief, and i was always there doing something else, not seeing the city. the architecture blew my mind... i guess it's famous! thanks for these cool pics!

  4. Chicago changed my life! That's were my little one was born! I went from young lady to woman in Chi-town. Big city energy is Neon! I'm so glad you had a great time!

  5. It was so awesome!! I can't wait to visit again.
    xo m


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