Sunday, February 27, 2011

love letter to David Robert Jones...

  Oh dear, please let me confess how insanely I Love(d) David Bowie. It was intense. I think the height of the frenzy of my obsession was about 10 years ago, I was a newly single mama, living alone with my little baby in a tiny studio apt. I was so very into Bowie and everything Bowie-esque. And glittery glam music... Eno, Iggy Pop, T Rex, Roxy Music... I bleached my hair till it was nearly transparent, shaved off my eyebrows, put together fabulous thrift store outfits, wore mismatched eyeshadow... I remember listening to "rock & roll suicide" and feeling so extremely empowered and comforted by the words... So I burnt myself out a bit on Bowie. But after a break of a few years I was really craving Aladdin Sane and put it on and, well, it sounded GOOD. Really good! And the kids love it a lot. Papa Bear is a little dumbfounded. Not a Bowie fan-doesn't really appreciate (poor him!) music with theatricality. It's been Bowie all weekend around here. Perfect sewing music....

   Somebody has become quite the dish washer. She LOVES it. I enjoy the help and company.
   We made solid lotion bars. I still have a large bottle of this herbal infused olive oil I made at the end of summer so I used that and kind of followed this recipe, although very loosely...

 Thrifting was so great last week. I found tons of early 70's fabric and I've already made my little lady 2 dresses (pics soon).
  I am oh so excited to go to my eye dr appt on thursday. It's pretty obvious I need a stronger prescription in contacts. Reading the computer has become  a bit of a headache and chore... I am quite far sighted... Hope the weekend was lovely for you!


  1. I thought everyone went through a massive Bowie phase!! I love your 50's table in front of the window. I totally want to sit down and drink some coffee.

    And the lotion bars look amazing! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and that everyone is feeling all better. :)

  2. I spend A LOT of time at that table, and in that kitchen... I totally want you to sit down and drink coffee w me!! xo


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